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2023 INFO

Welcome to Peter Kupisz's 2023 preaching & speaking information

The following sermon is the one that Peter Kupisz is primarily preaching at churches, youth groups and Christian schools during 2022 and 2023.



The Search for Significance


Synopsis: Everyone longs for value and worth so that they will be loved by others. The world says that value and worth comes from how we look or what we achieve. But our actual worth is based in the fact that we are made in God's image.

Key Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:27


Videos of Sermon
IES Church in Jakarta, Indonesia (October 2022)
ERCF Church in Ontario, Canada (August 2022)

Notes & Transcript: Google Doc - Search for Significance

Additional Talk

A number of churches and schools have invited Peter to share this talk in a special time after the service (often after a meal); in a Sunday School class; or to parents of students.


Church in Crisis - Weathering the Progressive Storm

Synopsis: A new narrative in western culture argues that Christianity is homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, racist, misogynistic, etc. Many Christians, especially young people, are abandoning their faith as a result. How are Christians to respond to these accusations? Discover the podcasts and YouTube channels that provide wise and winsome responses.

Video of Talk:

JICF Church in Jakarta, Indonesia (October 2022)


More About Peter Kupisz

Browse the different parts of this website ( for more about Peter Kupisz and Worldview Summit. In particular you might want to check out the following links.

YouTube Channel - a variety of different videos including some new, short, semi-animated videos as explained below.

LIT - Faith Doesn't Have to Be Blind - a series of 10 minute episodes which provide an exciting and semi-animated introduction to apologetics, the gospel, and why faith in Jesus makes sense. This is the first series of many to come.

Agnosticism is Impossible - a short (4 min) video designed to focus on one of the issues presented in the LIT series above and thereby promote the series. More to come.

Do Atheists Have Faith? - a short (1 min) video featuring another issue in the LIT series above. More to come.

More about Peter Kupisz and Worldview Summit.


Preaching & Speaking

A selection of some of the places that Peter Kupisz has preached or spoken at:


Bilberry Creek Baptist Church, Ottawa, Ontario

Elora Road Christian Fellowship, Guelph, Ontario

Gabriola Fellowship Church, Gabriola Island, British Columbia

Power to Change (i.e. Cru) at University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Guelph, University of Saskatchewan, etc.


International English Service (IES), Jakarta

Jakarta International Christian Fellowship (JICF), Jakarta

Reformed Exodus Community (REC), Surabaya

Sekolah [School] Pelita Harapan (SPH) - Lippo Village, Kemang Village, Pluit, Cikarang, Sentul; all schools in the greater Jakarta area


Asian Hope International School, Phnom Penh

Hope International School, Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

Logos International School, Phnom Penh

South Korea

Yongsan International School of Seoul

Seoul Union Church

Dongshin English Service, Daegu


1ª Igreja Presbiteriana Independente Bauru, Bauru

Univale [University], Ivaiporã
Pontifical Catholic University of Parana
, Londrina

Czech Republic

Noe School, Pardubice

Evangelical Academy in Nachod, Nachod


Habakuk Church, Linz

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