In addition to the leadership provided by Peter Kupisz, Worldview Summit includes a small team of dedicated individuals who, by God's grace, help the ministry reach many more people.

Steffi Ching - Head of Operations

Steffi Ching has a bachelors degree in music therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University. She also has several years of experience working with another ministry - True Faith Canada - which provided her with important skills and knowledge that she could apply after joining Worldview Summit. Her hard work and commitment to excellence allow us to connect with new financial partners and donors.

"God used apologetics in my life to bring me to faith and to root me in the truth seven years ago. I have seen the beauty of how God uses apologetics to change minds, hearts and lives over the years. I am excited to be working with the Worldview Summit team and Peter as we continue to help believers and non-believers make sense of Christianity."


Anna-Marie Deck - Head of Partner Care

Anna Deck has a bachelors degree in Education and English, with a minor in Fine Arts, from Brock University. She has a passion for travelling, poetry, spoken word, writing, painting and studying Korean; all of which gives her a zeal for life. She also enjoys working on her YouTube channel - Empowering Creativity - which you are encouraged to check out. Her role in Worldview Summit is multi-faceted but is primarily focused on helping our partners and donors know how much we appreciate their help, and keeping them informed of what we are doing.

"I'm passionate about apologetics since it has played a huge role in my faith journey by helping me grow closer to Christ in many ways. So I'm thankful and very excited to be a part of the Worldview Summit team as we help others understand that the gospel is really true!"


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