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What are SPLITS?


SPLITs are short videos (ie. less than 5 minutes) that focus on various topics. The end of every SPLIT video points to a LIT series. Hence SPLITs are categorized under the LIT series they promote.

SPLITs are available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

What is LIT?

Each LIT video is about 5 -10 minutes long and is part of Playlist series that focuses on a particular topic. For example, the series "Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind" consists of about 12 episodes that explain what Christianity is about; why it makes sense to believe; and why everyone should follow Jesus.

LIT episodes are available on YouTube; and on all the major podcast platforms in an audio only format.

Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind


SPLITS - YouTube

LIT - YouTube