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What are SPLITS?


SPLITs are short videos (ie. less than 5 minutes) that focus on various topics. The end of every SPLIT video points to a LIT series. Hence SPLITs are categorized under the LIT series they promote.

SPLITs are available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

What is LIT?

Each LIT video is about 5 -10 minutes long and is part of Playlist series that focuses on a particular topic. For example, the series "Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind" consists of about 12 episodes that explain what Christianity is about; why it makes sense to believe; and why everyone should follow Jesus.

LIT episodes are available on YouTube; and on all the major podcast platforms in an audio only format.

Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind


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Harvard Student's Shocking Transformation: From Atheist to Christian

Harvard Student's Shocking Transformation: From Atheist to Christian

Jordan Monge went on an incredible journey from atheism to faith in Jesus while studying at Harvard University. Through an ongoing conversation with a fellow student named John Joseph Porter, she realized that Christianity had a lot more going for it than she realized. LIT - Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind: Learn more about Worldview Summit: References: Christianity Today | The Atheist's Dilemma Take a student-led tour of Harvard University (0:49) Jordan Monge : The Faith of An Atheist (1:54; 2:56) Beyond The Page #2 (1:42-1:48; 3:23-4:03) Superstore "Glenn" Official On-Set Interview - Mark McKinney FOOTLOOSE The Lord is Testing Us (0:31) Are Allah and the God of Christianity the Same? Nabeel Qureshi Answers Sir Roger Penrose debates the sort of God he can believe in with William Lane Craig (1:38) Alister McGrath: Why I realised my atheism was a mistake // The Profile (1:18) Communicating truth and values in a secular world - Nancy Pearcey (0:35) #atheist #atheisttoChristian #harvard #faith #apologetics
Stranger Things Opens a Surprising Portal of Truth to a Different Dimension

Stranger Things Opens a Surprising Portal of Truth to a Different Dimension

Stranger Things takes you on a thrilling 1980s adventure but it also opens a portal to truth. Despite being a fictional story, it opens viewers up to the possibility of a very real dimension that exists all around us - a dimension that sometimes “bleeds” into our own. To learn more about why we should take this other dimension seriously, check out the LIT series called "Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind" by Worldview Summit. Expand your understanding by clicking the link below. LIT series: Learn more about Worldview Summit: References Stranger Things Season 1 Trailer 1 | Rotten Tomatoes TV (0:11 - 0:28; 2:16 - 2:22) Stranger Things | The Lab [+ season 4] (0:00 - 0:09; 1:48 - 1:56) 002 Confronts Eleven / Stranger Things Season 4 (1:04-1:07) Stranger Things 2 - Episode 9 "The Gate" Scene: Eleven Closes The Door To The Upside Down (UHD, 4K) (1:02) THE UPSIDE DOWN (Vale of Shadows) STRANGER THINGS Explained (3:26 - 3:30) Stranger Things 4x9 | Hawkins Destruction (1:38) The Final Scene of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 (Full) | Netflix (1:19; 1:28 1:35-2:39) Stranger Things - Eleven vs Vecna! - The Final Scene of Season 4, Part 1 (In Full) | Netflix (1:31 – 1:34; 4:51) Stranger Things Season 2 Comic-Con Trailer (2017) | TV Trailer | Movieclips Trailers (0:31) Alister McGrath: Why I lost my faith in atheism // The Big Conversation (0:23) Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism. Alvin Plantinga, Templeton Prize 2017 (2:00) John Polkinghorne - Why is the Quantum so Mysterious? (1:25) Professor John Lennox | God DOES exist (1:45)

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