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What are People Saying?

Comments from Around the World


Dr. Joshua Rasmussen

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy - Asuza Pacific University - California, USA

Peter Kupisz brings together a powerful combination of knowledge and virtue. I've known Pete since my early days of graduate school, and it is exciting to see his work touch so many people. He knows his stuff. Something else that sets Pete apart is his depth of understanding of the perspective and values of those who have different viewpoints. He is able to build a bridge across deep divides, so that others can follow a new path. His talks and conversations transform lives.

Leon Potgieter.jpg

Leon Potgieter

Pastor and Missionary - Operation Mobilization - Linz, Austria

After listening to Peter preach, lead and teach on different occasions in a variety of different settings (sermon, seminar and workshop) I am convinced that Peter is both an excellent communicator of Biblical truth, and also has a firm understanding of the intellectual underpinnings of the Christian Faith. Peter has consistently been able to logically and clearly, yet lovingly defend Christianity in the face of attack from others. He is, in my opinion, a role model for Christian apologetic ministry.


Mark Kennedy

Regional Director - Association of Christian Schools International - Eastern Canada

I encourage Christian school leaders that want their students to ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope is in them’ to take advantage of Peter’s wisdom and communication skills. He spoke on apologetics to teachers at both our annual Christian educators’ conventions and to students at one of our leading schools with great success. Students, teachers and parents will benefit from his presentations.

David Ryu.jpg

David Ryu

Former Lead Staff - Kingdom Come, Power to Change Students - Canada

I am so thankful for Peter's ministry as he challenges the false notion that the Christian faith is unintelligible. I especially like how he genuinely loves to answer difficult questions and how he enjoys engaging in a discussion with anybody! I often invite him to teach at student gatherings because I am very confident in his abilities. Oh and did I mention that he's a funny guy!


John McDonald

Chaplain - People’s Christian Academy - Ontario, Canada

We are thankful for Peter Kupisz and his apologetic ministry! He provided a faithful Christian voice to the important challenges we face in a world with so many conflicting voices. Our apologetics conference was beneficial to our high school students and challenged them to think deeper concerning suffering, evil, and the existence of God. Peter also provided useful resources for our students to further explore these issues while taking time in the classroom to answer student questions. Thanks again Peter.


Sean Howard

Pastor - St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Islington - Ontario, Canada

Peter is an articulate and thoughtful spokesperson for the cause of Christ. He easily speaks to people on all sides of any debate. He listens and learns from those with different opinions while clearly and lovingly sharing his deeply held Christian beliefs. We have had Peter speak at St Andrew's a number of times over the past few years. The congregation is always glad to have him come.


Alex Krupin

Pastor - Light to the World Christian Church - Toronto, Canada

Peter Kupisz is a man fully devoted to the ministry of defending Christianity and equipping young people with the knowledge they desperately need. God uses him to strengthen their faith so that they can stand up to the intellectual challenges that high schools and universities present them. Our teenagers have been blessed with the thoughtful and professionally prepared presentations done by Peter at our youth group and teen summer camp. After he finishes speaking, there are opportunities to ask all sorts of questions related to science, philosophy and other religions. I could tell that the questions our teens asked him were those that had been buried deep in their hearts and minds for years. Peter was able to provide thoughtful and well-researched answers to issues that troubled them. In sum, he knows his stuff and our youth need that now more than ever!


Sally Thompson

Youth Leader - Jakarta International Christian Fellowship - Jakarta, Indonesia

I am a leader of the youth group at Jakarta International Christian Fellowship where I first heard Peter Kupisz speak in 2016. It was refreshing to see our teens so challenged in their thinking and reasoning about faith, as they were when he spoke. Unsuprisingly we have invited him back every year since! We want our youth to be ready for the challenges posed by the different worldviews and religions that await them once they step into a university or the working world. Peter's talks have helped us appreciate what those challenges may be and how to prepare for them. After listening to him speak, and engaging him in discussion, our teens have requested more training in apologetics so that they can defend their faith in the loving and respectful way that Peter models for them. This, combined with his flexible and pleasing attitude, led me to arrange for him to speak at the Christian school I work at. At this school, students of many different faiths had the opportunity to hear his messages. I highly recommend him as a speaker for your youth!


Gavin Sasianto

Undergraduate Student - Biola University - California, USA

I first met Peter in 9th grade when I was not a Christian and had doubts about my family’s religion which I was practising at the time. He came to my country (i.e. Indonesia) to share about faith and reason, and what I loved about him was that he was open-minded in hearing my story and answering my questions. He answered my questions with great articulation (which inspired me to improve my speaking and writing skills) and he encouraged me to read the works of great Christian apologists. After about three years of intense research I decided to become a follower of Christ. I'm now happily studying philosophy, theology, and the great books at Biola University (the same place Peter got his master's degree in philosophy). Over the years, as I’ve kept in touch with him, I've been greatly encouraged by his ministry and his Facebook page.


Chas Warren

ESL Teacher (and friend of Peter) - South Korea

I've been an atheist for 30 years. In all of that time, I've never been proselytized by anyone more effectively than Peter. He has never raised my hackles. He was never condescending, never closed-minded, and always interesting and enjoyable to talk to. He hasn't converted me, but he makes a plausible case. My kudos to Peter.


Name Withheld for Security Purposes

Teacher - Christian School in South East Asia

[Peter] recently spoke at my school... We were all richly blessed by his words. I teach high school level Bible and my students really enjoyed Peter's talks. They are so excited to keep studying apologetics and are really motivated to be able to give a reason for the hope that they have. Some students asked if they can "do that all of the time." They especially liked the role play of the relativist vs. the Christian. My own daughter was so impressed that she said she wants to study at Biola, just like Peter. "Don't we all!" was my first thought. Maybe she will someday.

...I have some colleagues who think "apologetics" are not important because it is not "Bible study". I happen to think it is vital for students to practice giving an answer to life's tough questions and I want them to do that in the safe environment of our Christian school, before they move to the other side of the world with an enormous number of worldviews for them to sift through. I want them to be prepared. I think after seeing the students' response to Peter, some hearts/minds were softened to the importance of apologetics.

… He is able to inspire students in an enormous way. Not only that, but he has encouraged and inspired me as well. I sometimes feel quite isolated in my own studies and teacher preparation and I believe I needed Peter's inspiration. It was really great for me to sit in the back of the classroom and watch how students interacted with him. It gave me much insight and new ideas for things to try in class. Maybe next year, if/when Peter returns, my students will be just a little more prepared to give reasonable answers for the hope they have. We look forward in anticipation of his return, eager to be inspired more and more.


Liam Easterbrook

Undergraduate Student - University of Guelph - Guelph, Canada

I remember first getting to know Peter when I invited him to speak at my high school in the spring of 2018. I was on student government at the time, and we needed a speaker for one of our Wednesday chapel services. (I went to a Christian high school). Before this, I had only known Peter as an acquaintance at my church, but I began to learn more about him and his ministry through the process of booking him for the school service.

Unbeknownst to him, I had been going through a very trying season in my relationship with God. Many months before the chapel, one of my friends had become an atheist. He had a lot of legitimate objections to Christianity and I couldn’t ignore many of the issues he brought up. This caused me to investigate the validity of my beliefs, perhaps, for the first time in my life. As I learned more online, I began to feel that my stance as a Christian was indefensible.

Eventually, I realized I didn’t have the skills and knowledge I needed to adequately deal with my doubts. After many difficult months, I finally asked Peter for help. We met several times during the fall of 2018 and he shared with me some great, nuanced answers that allowed me to deal with the questions I had, as well as those I might face in the future.

While I can’t say that I’ve fully resolved every issue yet, Peter really helped me gain a good understanding of apologetics and he showed me how to effectively investigate and resolve the objections Christians often face. As a university student, I see a great need for this at my campus, since many non-believers don’t know that there are logical reasons and good arguments for Christianity. Apologetics gives Christian university students the tool kit they need to answer the questions of their non-believing friends.

Apologists like Peter Kupisz have played a crucial role in my walk with God, by strengthening my faith and helping me to stand firm in the truth.

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