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Worldview Summit consists of a small team of dedicated individuals who, by God's grace, seek to reach the world with the good news of Jesus. 

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Peter Kupisz - Founder and Executive Director

Peter Kupisz was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He has been studying apologetic issues for 20+ years and enjoys talking to people of all different religious and philosophical persuasions. He worked as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at universities in California and as a full-time Instructor at universities in South Korea. After being on staff with Power to Change (previously known as “Campus Crusade for Christ”) for 5 years, he founded Worldview Summit. Now based in the country of Georgia, he speaks at churches, schools, and universities in various parts of the world including South America, Asia, Europe, and North America. Peter is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society and he is on the board of Ratio Christi Canada. In his free time, he enjoys debating online, movies, traveling, hiking, and exploring the world.

For more about Peter and the ministry of Worldview Summit see About

"When apologetics is done right, it seeks to glorify God and lead people to faith in Jesus."



Anna-Marie Kupisz - Head of Partner Care

Anna Deck has a bachelors degree in Education and English, with a minor in Fine Arts, from Brock University. She has a passion for travelling, poetry, spoken word, writing, painting and studying Korean; all of which gives her a zeal for life. She also enjoys working on her YouTube channel - Empowering Creativity - which you are encouraged to check out. Her role in Worldview Summit is multi-faceted but is primarily focused on helping our partners and donors know how much we appreciate their help, and keeping them informed of what we are doing.

"I'm passionate about apologetics since it has played a huge role in my faith journey by helping me grow closer to Christ in many ways. So I'm thankful and very excited to be a part of the Worldview Summit team as we help others understand that the gospel is really true!"



Bianca Vermeulen - Head of Operations


Bianca Vermeulen is originally from Cape Town, South Africa, but now living in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has 12+ years of experience in administration and team management roles and is passionate about providing behind-the-scenes support to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

As a result of learning some apologetics, she is able to provide a logical explanation as to why faith in Jesus makes sense. This, along with her personal experiences of how Jesus has shown up in her life, is a helpful tool in sharing her faith. She also appreciates how different people take different approaches to sharing and practicing their faith based on how God leads in the moment. 


"I feel very blessed to be able to merge my personal faith and professional career in my new role at Worldview Summit and have the opportunity to make a purposeful impact on others."

                                     - Bianca

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Patricia Abarte - Social & Video Media Manager

Pat Abarte has a bachelor's degree in Medical Biology with a  minor in Microbiology, from Silliman University. She currently lives in the Philippines.

Driven by her passion to learn more about apologetics and reaching people with the Gospel, she manages Worldview Summit's social media accounts by creating content and moderating Facebook comments. 

"Apologetics changed my outlook on the traditional ways of sharing the Gospel. I've also come to appreciate the importance of thinking carefully when digging deep into the Bible" 


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