Worldview Summit is committed to exploring the ultimate questions of life from a Christian worldview. It seeks to provide a clear and articulate explanation as to why faith in Jesus makes sense.

The ministry consists of a small team of committed individuals although it primarily features the work and thought of Peter Kupisz. Peter is committed to sharing the best reasons there are for believing in Jesus based on research done by the world's top Christian scholars. He believes that Christians should take seriously the words found in 1 Peter 3: 15,


But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, (NIV)


It's important for Christians to give good reasons for their hope in Jesus. But it's also important to do this with "gentleness and respect." 


M.A. History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, 2010 (University of Toronto)
M.A. Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, 2005 (Talbot School of Theology)

Teaching Experience

Full-time Lecturer 2009-2014 Dongju College, South Korea
Full-time Lecturer, 2007 Catholic University of Busan, South Korea
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, 2005 Bethesda University, California
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, 2004-2005 Biola University, California

"After listening to Peter preach, lead and teach on different occasions in a variety of different settings (sermon, seminar and workshop) I am convinced that Peter is both an excellent communicator of Biblical truth, and also has a firm understanding of the intellectual underpinnings of the Christian Faith. Peter has consistently been able to logically and clearly, yet lovingly defend Christianity in the face of attack from others. He is, in my opinion, a role model for Christian apologetic ministry."

Leon Potgieter

Pastor and Missionary - Operation Mobilization - Linz, Austria