You can help us launch LIT! Look at the list below to consider how you might be able to help. 

The podcast is now on YouTube and will (eventually) be on all the major podcast platforms. It addresses the common objections that people make of Christianity and how the best scholars in the world respond to these objections.

All episodes are about 10 min long and include lots of clips and videos from different people so as to make them interesting and fun to watch. Check out the first series "Faith Doesn't Have to be Blind" using the link below!

What You Can do to Help

-text and/or email lots of friends

-tell your small group

-let people know through word of mouth

-create social media posts 

-make an announcement at your church (be sure to ask for permission)

-make a special donation to pay for online ads (see the donate button in the menu bar above)

-run will through your city yelling about LIT (no, actually better not do this one)