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Arrogant to Think Your Religion is the "Only Correct One"?

Some people claim that because all religions are essentially the same, therefore they’re all essentially true. These same people will also insist that it’s arrogant to think that “your religion” is superior to all others.

But what these people don’t understand is that they are actually being arrogant. It’s arrogant to think that “all the religions are true” because many of the founders and leaders of the world’s religions endured great hardship—and even perished—in order to advance their religion. For example, in the early days of Islam, Muhammad, and his followers fled to Medina in order to escape the persecution in Mecca. Around the start of Mormonism, Brigham Young led his followers on a long and arduous journey in order to continue practicing Mormonism in freedom. During the reign of Asoka, Buddhists sent out many missionaries to propagate their religious convictions. And during the Roman Empire, Christians refused to give up their faith in Jesus despite brutal persecution.

Why would the different religions of the world do this if they didn’t think their religion was true and that others were (at least partially) wrong? If they believed they were spreading an idea that was essentially the same as all the others, why would they be prepared to exert so much effort, and even endure enormous suffering? Obviously, they did not think their religion was the same as all the others. They did not think all religions were true. They must have thought their religion was substantially different from what already existed, and that it was crucial people knew this. The person who claims “all the religions are the same and true,” is claiming to know the nature of those religions better than their founders, leaders, and missionaries.

Now that’s real arrogance.

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