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Can a Jew Believe in Jesus? - Dr. Michael Brown

Michael Brown was a “good Jewish boy” who grew up in New York City. But by the time he was a teenager, he had ambitions to be a rock star and was doing hard drugs. One night he took enough mescaline for thirty people. His friends thought it was a big joke and sent him home on a bus, but on the way, he became delirious and got off too soon. Finding himself in a state of intense mental torment, he decided to throw himself in front of the next car that came by. What happened next almost ended his life.

Within minutes, a car came racing around the corner. I jumped into the road directly in front of the car and threw my hands in the air. The car came to a screeching halt just inches from my body. It was my parents!... They came looking for me. They were ready to stop at that very corner. If it had been any other car I would have been killed.

Around the same time as this brush with death, Michael’s drug-friends had started going to a nearby church because they were interested in certain girls there. He didn’t like what they were up to and so he decided to visit it in order to draw them away. However, he hadn’t counted on the great love he would experience from the people and found that he couldn’t pull them (or himself!) away easily. One night the pastor invited anyone who was interested, to commit their life to following Jesus Christ. To his surprise, Michael found himself accepting the invitation! This brought about a complete change in his life; he stopped using drugs and was consumed with a passion to follow his new Saviour.

The only problem was that Jews were not supposed to be Christians! A number of rabbis soon challenged his newfound faith and Michael found himself wanting to study the Bible in the original languages in order to defend himself better. After completing a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages from New York University, he went on to teach at several universities, engage in public debates with many prominent rabbis, author a five-volume series called Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, and become one of the premier defenders of Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah for the Jewish people.

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