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Christians Only Believe Because They Grew Up in Faith?

A common objection to Christianity is that people only become Christians due to various socio-cultural factors and not because the religion is actually true. And certainly, socio-cultural factors do play some role in the religion people adopt since this would explain why there are so many Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Hindus in India, and Christians in America. But this does nothing to show that Christianity is actually false. For consider the fact that the same type of reasoning can be used on the atheist, agnostic, or non-religious person. One could easily claim that, for example, an atheist thinks there is no God simply because of the atheistic family (or non-religious culture) she was raised in. If the atheist objects that she was actually raised in a religious home but “converted” to her worldview, then the Christian can also point to examples of people who became Christians after being raised in atheistic families. On the other hand, if she states that she just happened to be raised in an atheist family and decided to be an atheist because of various logical and rational reasons, then the Christian can also claim the same thing.

The sword cuts both ways.

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