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Contradictions in Quran Led Muslim Out of Al-Qaeda - Morten Storm

Morten Storm is a Danish citizen who converted to Islam and became involved with al-Qaeda. While in the terrorist organization, he gained the trust of some of the senior leadership including Anwar al-Awaki, a U.S. citizen who helped run al-Qaeda out of Yemen. Storm was so highly trusted by al-Awaki that he even ate in his home and helped him find a wife. But throughout this whole time, Storm hid two deep secrets. The first was that he was actually working with Western intelligence agencies. And the second was that his decision to work with those agencies had come about after he had deconverted from Islam. Furthermore, his decision to leave Islam had resulted from discovering contradictions in the Quran. In an interview, he described this experience as follows.

I found a web-site... I think it’s called ... I found hundreds and hundreds of contradictions... I started to... research some of the contradictions to see that maybe that web-site was more biased cause, you know, because maybe they had a Christian... agendas to spread Christianity... But anyway, I searched the contractions and you know, looked up the references in the Quran and hadiths and you know, they were all right, they were actually all true... and it just wiped away my faith.

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