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Dreams and Visions for Ahmadi Muslim - Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi was raised as a devout Muslim in the Ahmadiyya tradition. However, when he was in university, he met another student who helped him realize the tremendous amount of evidence in favour of Christianity and against Islam. This brought Nabeel to a point where he had serious doubts about Islam and was almost ready to convert. However, he needed to be sure and so he sought God’s guidance in a special way. Nabeel describes the next part of his journey as follows.

For months, I had been praying to God for an answer to my question; however, never had I prayed like I did this particular evening. It was the night of December 19th, and my father had fallen asleep in a hotel bed next to mine. But I was still awake. It was dark in the room, though not completely dark; there was still some light. The precariousness of my fate manifested itself in my mind. I admitted that despite all I thought I knew, I actually knew nothing. I needed God to show me the truth. I couldn’t do it without His help. At that instant, the most humble moment of my life, with tears in my eyes, I beseeched God for an answer. I asked for anything—a vision, a dream, a sign of some sort that would show me whether Christianity or Islam were true.
No sooner had I prayed these words than the room became pitch dark before my eyes. I had been looking at the wall, but it was not there anymore; instead, it was replaced by hundreds of crosses. I was paralyzed.
The vision was as simple as that. Just as quickly as it had come, it was gone. My reaction was that of most anyone. I said, “God, that doesn’t count. I don’t know if that was really You or if my eyes were playing tricks on me.” As you can see, I did not want to believe in Christianity. I instead took refuge in my uncertainty and prayed again, saying, “God, I don’t know if that was really what I thought it was – I could subconsciously want to become a Christian and my mind could be deceiving me. So visions won’t be any good; please give me a dream, and if the dream corroborates the vision, I will become Christian.”

Over the next few months, God answered Nabeel’s prayers by giving him three distinct dreams. This was enough to convince him that the God of the Bible was the true God who was worth giving his life to. Today Nabeel speaks to Muslims and Christians alike about the amazing journey he went through and why he has decided to follow the Jesus of the Bible.

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