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Egyptian Coptic Priest Encounters Demonic Possession

The Bible speaks of demons as real spiritual beings who sometimes take control of people from the inside. But the mere possibility of this is regarded with derision by many people. Despite this derision, there are numerous accounts of people experiencing exactly this phenomenon.

Father Zakaria Botros is an Egyptian Coptic Priest who regularly appears on satellite television in the Middle East. His ministry is mainly known for reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is known for his keen intellect and vast knowledge of Islam. But this profound intellect has not prevented him from personally encountering demonic forces. His biography describes one such encounter early in his life.

In Tanta, one day as Zakaria arrived at the church, he found the church cleaner’s son uncontrollably rolling around on the ground. The boy’s father said his son was demonically oppressed.
Zakaria had confronted this phenomenon previously, without success at Shebeen El Kom. This time the outcome would be different. When Zakaria took the young boy into the church and prayed over him, immediately a demon cried out, “I’ll get out! I’ll get out!” Subsequently the young boy got up, embraced Zakaria and testified to all present how differently he felt. Not unsurprisingly his father was delighted. In such situations, news travelled from one to the other almost at Internet speed.

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Stuart Robinson and Peter Botross, Defying Death: Zakaria Botross - Apostle to Islam: A Biography (Upper Mt Gravatt, [Qld.]: CityHarvest Publications, 2008), 37–38.



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