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From Hindu Devotee to Follower of Jesus - Rabi Maharaj

At a young age, Rabi Maharaj advanced in his knowledge of Hinduism very quickly, thereby earning the respect of his Hindu community. However, while still in high school, Rabi developed an increasing sense that the Creator was separate and distinct from his creation. This conflicted with his Hindu beliefs which dictated that everything was God. Around the same time, his cousin Shanti came to visit him; she politely asked him about his life and explained the way of Jesus. Rabi found her joy appealing but he made a number of “pompous and sometimes arrogant pronouncements” and he was "absolutely resolved" that he would never give up “any part of his religion.” However, God had different plans, and Rabi eventually renounced his Hindu beliefs and decided to follow Jesus. After this momentous occasion, he sometimes found himself in difficult circumstances. It was during one of those times that Rabi prayed for God’s sustaining power and his prayer was answered in quite a dramatic way.

At about 2 a.m. I felt someone shaking me. Opening my eyes in surprise, I saw someone clothed in a bright white light standing beside me. Wide awake now, I sat straight up and looked at him. I knew it was Jesus, although he didn’t look quite like any of the pictures I had seen. He held out his hand toward me and said softly, “Peace! My peace I give to you!” With those words he vanished, and the room became dark again. I sat there for a long time making sure that I was really awake. There was no doubt about it. I felt like shouting “Hallelujah!” For a long time I lay with my hands under my head, looking up by faith into heaven, rejoicing in the Lord.

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