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Muslim Girl Supernaturally Healed by Jesus - Gulshan Fatima

Gulshan Fatima was born and raised in a prominent and devout Muslim family living in Pakistan. As an infant, she contracted typhoid fever and as a result, became crippled. Later in life, when medical doctors declared that her situation was hopeless, she went on a pilgrimage to Mecca and prayed to Allah for his miraculous healing. When this also failed to bring about her healing, Gulshan decided to start praying to Jesus. After three years, Jesus appeared in her room in a blinding light. The details of what happened next are as follows.

There were 12 figures in a row and the figure in the middle, the thirteenth, was larger and brighter than the others… Suddenly a voice said, ‘Get up. This is the path you have been seeking. I am Jesus Son of Mary, to whom you have been praying, and now I am standing in front of you. You get up and come to me.’
I started to weep. ‘Oh Jesus, I’m crippled. I can’t get up.’
He said, ‘Stand up and come to me. I am Jesus.’
When I hesitated he said it a second time. Then as I still doubted he said it for the third time, ‘Stand up.’
And I, Gulshan Fatima, who had been crippled on my bed for nineteen years, felt new strength flowing into my wasted limbs. I put my foot on the ground and stood up. Then I ran a few paces and fell at the feet of the vision. I was bathing in the purest light and it was burning as bright as the sun and moon together… I had not imagined the scene… for I had the evidence in my body. I took a few steps, then a few more. I walked from wall to wall, up and down, up and down. My limbs were unmistakably healthy…

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Gulshan Esther and Thelma Sangster, The Torn Veil: The Story of Sister Gulshan Esther (1984; repr., Basingstoke: Zondervan, 2004), 59–60.



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