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New Age Professor Encounters Jesus - Mary Poplin

Mary Poplin was a New Age enthusiast. As a graduate student, she had tried transcendental meditation classes and experimented with marijuana and various psychedelic drugs. At the age of 41, she was a college professor teaching critical theory, radical feminism, multiculturalism, and postmodernism. Then, in November 1992, she had a very vivid dream.

I was in a line of people, so long I could see neither beginning nor end. We were dressed in gray robes, marching ahead very slowly. Suddenly we reached an area where a yellow light was emerging. As we approached it, I saw the scene of the Last Supper… When I got to Jesus and looked into his eyes, I grasped immediately that every cell in my body was filled with filth. Weeping, I fell at his feet. But when he reached over and touched my shoulders, I suddenly felt perfect peace!

This dream was so powerful that it led her to begin reading the Bible. And one day, as she read it, she realized that evil existed and that it was in her. Not long after, she found herself at church.

On the first Sunday in January 1993, I was sitting in a very small Methodist church where my mother had grown up, listening to the pastor invite the congregation to Communion. When the time came to go forward, I prayed to God, “If you are real, please come and get me.” Suddenly I felt the same peace I had known in the dream.

God had reached into Mary’s soul and made her know how real he was. As a result, she decided to follow Jesus, which transformed her life.

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Mary Poplin, “As a New Age Enthusiast, I Fancied Myself a Free Spirit and a Good Person,”, December 21, 2017,



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