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The Persecution of a Sexual Minority

In 1990, Hunter Madsen and Kirk Marshall wrote a book called, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's. The goal of the book was to change's society's views of the LGBT community and to do so by portraying sexual conservatives as deranged, evil monsters, with the LGBT community as their victims. This strategy was then implemented in movies, TV shows, books, and all sorts of mass media. It has proven to be very successful and has had the positive effect of changing people's feelings toward the LGBT community so that they are no longer treated so badly. Of course, over the decades, things have gone much further than might be expected; the LGBT community is not simply tolerated and respected, but also celebrated and glorified. There is a flip side to all this though that many people don't appreciate. You can only keep portraying sexual conservatives as deranged, evil monsters for so long, before society starts to hate and revile them. In certain parts of the world, such as Canada, this is now what is happening. The strategy that sought to simply end the suffering of the LGBT community, is now producing suffering amongst sexual conservatives. The strategy which Madsen and Marshall implemented has become a juggernaut that just keeps rolling no matter what the actual situation is, and most sexual conservatives are quite naive about what is going on.

The vast majority of sexual conservatives feel a tremendous sense of guilt about all that has happened in the past. Of course, to some degree, this is justified because horrible things have been done. To see this, just read the first hand accounts of people like David Bennett, Christopher Yuan and Brady Cone - the pain was/is real. But things are now changing and the identity of the oppressed & oppressors is switching. Unfortunately, the original narrative that Marshall and Kirk presented has become so strongly embedded that people don't realize (or, are not willing to realize) what is happening. If you're watching mainstream news, especially in a country like Canada, you will never hear about how sexual conservatives are being treated badly. Many in this community live with a certain degree of fear that their views will be discovered and exposed. This fear is similar to the way homosexuals and transsexuals were fearful in the 20th century. I personally know of a young Canadian man who was not allowed to finish high school simply because he refused to agree with transgendered ideology. He didn't hate anyone, he just refused to deny certain biological facts. And in Finland, a Christian minister named Juhana Pohjola, has been put on trial because he published material expressing what Christians have believed about sex for thousands of years. There was no hatred in this material; in fact, it talked about the need for love and respect. But the police didn't care and he is now facing trial. Those are only two accounts of many others. Here is another account from Dr. Corey Miller and his experiences while teaching philosophy at Indiana University.

Even though I typically stacked the deck with textbooks unfavorable to my position, one semester brought a new challenge. I was charged with bias and creating a suicidal environment in the classroom. How so?

When the text dealt with homosexuality, it grossly misrepresented views that opposed homosexuality like the Bible or the natural law approach. In an effort to educate rather than merely indoctrinate, I offered another, more robust, perspective than the text in class that better represented the other side. But I apparently touched a sacred cow. A gay student in my class who was a former pastor reported me to the administration. He claimed that the suicide rate in the LGBT community was already high enough. He said I created an environment where he was fearing for his life. He didn’t want to become another victim.

Before long I was facing a virtual administrative tribunal. This was in 2013. I brought in Alliance Defending Freedom to take my case pro bono. Ironically, I was aided by two atheist students unfriendly to my view but friendly to free thinking and free speech. These students forced the administration to listen to my lectures they’d recorded. They threatened the university that if I were unjustly punished, they’d transfer to another university that demonstrated free thought. ADF letters helped. In the end, I was exonerated.

Sexual conservatives need to realize what is going on. The solution here is not to try and return to an era where the LGBT community was hated and despised. That's clearly wrong. But it is important to encourage tolerance and respect toward the many sexual conservatives who hold their views with love and kindness. They need to speak up on social media, in university classrooms, in movies, magazines, etc. They need to "come out of the closet" and be willing to identify as a sexual conservative. They need to speak up about the need for tolerance and respect of all people. Sexual conservatives do not consist of just evangelical Christians or conservative Catholics. This group consists of anyone who believes that sex should be enjoyed exclusively by one man and one woman in the context of marriage. This community includes Orthodox Jews, Sikhs, Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, agnostics, the non-religious and many others. There certainly are some people in these groups that are hateful and vile. Those people need to be exposed, criticized and condemned. But for the many others who are peaceful, kind and tolerant; they need to ask for the same kind of tolerance and respect that the LGBT community sought in the 1990s and beyond. We need a world in which both the LGBT community, and the community of sexual conservatives, are treated with love, respect and fairness. But it will take a lot of brave people, who are willing to speak up, before this really happens.

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Dr. Corey Miller's experiences.

David Bennett

Christopher Yuan



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