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Postmodernism Refutes Itself

“Christianity is just another meta-narrative foisted on unsuspecting people in order to control and exploit them.” This statement represents how many postmodernists regard Christianity.

Postmodernists claim that there are no “meta-narratives;” that is, there are no comprehensive explanations of reality that apply to all people and all times. There are simply the subjective “narratives” that people create in order to justify their positions of power and their oppression of others. For postmodernists, narratives such as Christianity, Marxism, Islam, and even science are all examples of this.

The problem with this position is that it refutes itself. If there are no meta-narratives, then not even postmodernism can be a meta-narrative; it cannot claim to be the objective truth about all of reality. Although postmodernists deny it, they do treat their view of things as the objective truth. That’s why they disagree with others and try to convince them to accept their view. But if there is no objective truth, then not even postmodernism can be objectively true.

All of this raises another point and that is, how could postmodernists know there is no objective truth? How can they know that all meta-narratives are false? If there is a reality that exists outside of the human mind then some description(s) of it will be more correct than others. Even if none of them are correct, postmodernists owe us some good reasons for rejecting all of them. And this they have not done.

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