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Why Doesn't God Definitively Reveal Why He Allows Evil to Occur?

One of the most significant challenges to theism is the problem of evil. Christian philosophers and theologians present some plausible reasons why God might allow evil. But if one of those answers is correct, why hasn't God revealed that to us? Surely it would be easier to deal with suffering if we knew why God permitted it? These are good questions but there are at least four possible answers to these questions.

1. The answer might be far too complex for us to understand. 2. It might be unnecessary for us to know the answer in order for God to bring about his higher purpose. 3. Giving us the answer might thwart the reason for which God allows evil. 4. The answer may already exist but is either not well-known or is simply resisted by people.

It should also be noted that the above points will probably not help someone dealing with the “emotional problem” of evil. The emotional problem is what people experience when they are dealing with some great suffering and longing for it to stop. If someone is in this state, they usually need to be comforted and not given philosophical explanations. But for those dealing with the intellectual problem of evil, the above points are worth noting.

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Video (below): Evil and the Existence of God - A Short Sermon - Elora Road Christian Fellowship



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