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Why Religious Neutrality is Impossible

There are so many religions in the world and each one claims to be the right one. How can anyone know which is true? Is it best to be “neutral” with respect to all of them?

The last hundred years or so have made people increasingly aware of how much religious diversity there is in the world. And given this great diversity, many people do not want to align with, nor reject, any particular religion but to simply remain “neutral.” However, is this really possible? The answer is no, because every religion calls people to live their lives a certain way. Religions do not simply ask people to believe certain things but also to act in particular ways as a result of those beliefs. And everyone shows, by the way they live their lives, what they think is (most likely to be) true. Those who claim “neutrality” show that, in actual fact, they do not think any of the world’s religions are true. They may not be very certain about this conclusion (i.e. not certain enough to identify as atheists) but they are certain enough that they do not engage in any religious practices.

Given that everyone must decide, the next question becomes, “Have you made the right choice?”

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Video (below): All the World's Religions Cannot Be True - Neutrality is Impossible



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