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Is Christianity "Just True for You"?

When someone says that any claim about Jesus, Christianity, or religion in general, is just “your truth,” what they are trying to do is turn an objective claim about reality into a subjective claim. This is an indirect way of saying that something is false without actually giving any good reasons. It’s easy to see the problem with it when it’s used to respond to other objective claims.

Imagine if you told an average American citizen that they were not (contrary to what they believed) the King of England. “Oh, that’s just true for you,” the person responds. Or suppose you told a powerful slave owner that treating his slaves cruelly was wrong. “That’s just true for you,” he insists. In both cases, the two persons would be implicitly rejecting the objective statements as false without actually giving any good reasons.

If you’re looking for a good response, (politely) ask the person who says Christianity is “just your truth,” how they *know* it’s “just“your truth.” Or if you want to use their approach, ask them whether their claim that “Christianity is just true for you” is something that is “just true for them?”

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