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Is Christianity "Just True for You"?

When someone says that a claim about God or Jesus is "just your truth,” what they are trying to do is turn an objective claim about reality into a subjective claim. This is an indirect way of saying that something is false without actually giving any good reasons. It’s easy to see the problems with this response by applying it to other situations. Imagine if someone told a North Korean government official that South Korea was wealthier than North Korea. “Oh, that’s just true for you,” the North Korean replies. What does this response amount to? The North Korean official is not directly claiming that the original statement was false, but he is trying to turn an objective claim into a subjective claim. Despite what the North Korean official said, it is an objective fact that South Korea is far wealthier than North Korea. It is not a matter of opinion. And it is not a matter of what is "true for you." In this type of scenario, the North Korean official would be trying to avoid the issue at hand.

The same type of thing applies to Christianity and other religions. They make objective claims about reality. Given this, they are either true or false. They are not a matter of opinion or what is "true for you." Either the Christian God really exists or he does not. Either Jesus really died and rose again as a fact of history or he did not. These are not matters of opinion. They are objective claims.

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